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New Website

I’ve got a new Portfolio Website, this Blog won’t be continued.

You can visit it at


M1 Carbine

Finished it 😀

Downlad it here:

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M1 Carbine Highpoly

The materials are only placeholders atm. As soon as i baked it down to a lowpoly, i will redo the textures.


Wow, my last post was ages ago! Here my currently finished project:


EE-3 Carbine Highpoly

RenderFinished the Highpoly 😀

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EE-3 Carbine WIP

RenderCurrently working on the EE-3 Carbine from Boba Fett

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VP70 Textured


Finally finished the texture on this sucker. I have released it on Gamebanana and i will put it into Fallout New Vegas again.

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VP70 Highpoly Finished

Yay! I have finished the Highpolymesh 🙂Highpoly2

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VP70 HighPoly

Sorry for the delay. I was very busy in the last few weeks.
99% Finished Highpoly VP70. I will make a Lowpoly, bake the maps, texture it and put it into Fallout New Vegas, as always 🙂


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Finished P90 textured

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